Bangladesh has been moving towards with continuous development for the last two decades facing the increasing competition of this intensive competitive world begun from the 21st century. We already have joined the lower-middle income country category.

Through the implementation of vision 2021 the country continues to express its aspiration to join the middle income country by 2021 and also by 2041, expecting herself as a developed country Chattogram Bandar Mohila College is working diligently to build up a skilled and meritorious human resources who are the crying need to achieve this goal.

After a long tradition of a half decade period, we are now at the top list in various sectors in the region. The institute’s commitment to the development of young students through the preservation of religious values spirit of the liberation war, science and technology and also by practicing sports, literature and culture into them.

Chattogram Bandar Mohila College will move forward smoothly with the adaptation of a new idea of a day with tradition. As the Chairman Executive committee, I want creative thinking and cooperation from all including the students, the teacher and the guardians also.

Rear Admiral Mohammad Sohail ,
OSP,NUP,PPM,psc, Chairman , Chittagong Port Authority.