At the dawn of the creation, man intends to disclose himself to others. This trait of disclosure is man’s instinctive quality. “Chattogram Bandar Mohila College” is contributing this gigantic task to fetch the hidden talent out of the tender hearted students taking part in co-educational process along with pragmatic timely academic education for the betterment of the Students to make themselves Glove citizen.

This institution is playing a pioneer role to develop human resources upholding the actual scientific and technology based education method.

It needs not telling that a team of young and meritorious teachers, students, guardians and Executive committee contribute relentlessly behind these great effort. I pray to the most merciful creator that let this popularity the institution has earned within a short time be continued by the whole hearted efforts of all day by day.

In fine, I draw the help and attention of the concerned people to keep continuity of success of Chattogram Bandar Mohila College as a workshop of man maker. I do believe that we must be able to increase the fame of this institution along with the co-operation and heart rending service of all.

Morzina Khanom
Principal of Chattogram Bandar Mohila College .